Sustainable Development can not take place in isolation. It needs people to connect, work together and create an interdependent environment. There is a need for a strong tool to connect people instantly to enable a free-flow of knowledge and information. The global network can influence the social, economic and political ecosystem in the world and contribute to the issues of development and growth.

One of the most powerful uses of social media is the ability to foster innovation. The exposure to the needs, desires, problems and opinions of a wide audience and the potential to connect and collaborate with a huge network can provide to be an invaluable source for new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. Social media allows people to be their own agents of change, to act in individual capacity.

Today, social media is seen as a platform to exercise our freedom of expression. It advances the fulfillment of this basic human right and is thus a key player to safeguard and protect the rights of a citizen to express freely. It is not just the freedom to expression but also the freedom to information which plays an important role in making social media free, liberal and democratic in nature.