One of the most powerful uses of social media is the ability to foster innovation. The exposure to the needs, desires, problems and opinions of a wide audience and the potential to connect and collaborate with a huge network can provide to be an invaluable source for new ideas and alternative ways of thinking. Social media allows people to be their own agents of change, to act in individual capacity and as a collective and access ideas, practices and knowledge to reach their full potential. Globally, most organizations only use this platform to promote or market their product, service or idea and only few have truly realized its power to nurture innovation and creativity. Social media provides a game-changing opportunity for organisations, companies and individuals who learn how to take advantage of it and use it in a responsible manner.

We at ASMP believe that a collective force working towards a common goal can develop universal ideas of social change and empowerment. We, together, seek to support and contribute to creating the spirit of innovation, creativity and collectively harness the potential of social media to build a more just, tolerant and liberal world.